Gold Plated Jewellery

Lilcreations Jewellery

These inexpensive gold-plated jewellery are perfect for everyday wear and easily go with the flow, it doesn’t lose its shine and is water proof, sweat proof and non-tarnish.

Jewellery Keeping Tips

Gold Plated Fashion Jewellery Keeping your gold plated jewellery looking shiny and new can be easy. Here are some steps to keeping your overlay from tarnishing: To keep your gold plated jewelry shining and looking its best, remember to remove your jewelry before swimming or exercising. Also, if you wear makeup, apply it first before putting on your gold plated pieces. Avoid spraying perfume on your gold-plated items—all of these things can damage the coating that prevents tarnish from setting in. Buffing frequently with a microfiber cloth will increase shine. Jewellery shop near me, water...

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